Monday, July 26, 2010

Presentation Attempt

Hi Everyone,

So, I've tried to create a Prezi that does work but, there is some finesse editing I need help with.

I looked into how to embed a YouTube video, got routed to a video player site that needed installing, my older computer was overwhelmed with the installation I was asking it to perform, and several hours later, I'm not very happy with my project.

I know what I'd like to do, but need a little more help, time &/or a newer computer, I'm just not intuitively techie.

I see the wealth of information available to us. I want to use it. This class could become an entire semester that continually builds info and details the various site access requirements, and then makes us demonstrate our incremental achievements.

I just feel like a butterfly flitting from place to place that leaves me with little understanding of how to achieve effective use of a social network tool that I try to access.

I truly respect the power of all the technologies shown and wish to have a more in depth exposure in order to maximize their potential.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


After several hours of delving into the information available...I'm still trying to process the sequence of events with regard to blogging/twitter/social bookmark etc.....

After signing in to a twitter account I looked at and watched the help link videos for what's next. I'm not exactly sure how to establish a PLN. Perhaps it follows, once you have info from people you follow, and then your network forms.

So, I see the time investment required to learn this new process for me, as an educator, coincides with the time investment we require from students to learn the material we teach.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Enlightening and Humbling

I've always thought that it was very important personally, to keep up with technology and not be left in the dust of the next technological advance. Watching some of the Did You Know supplementary videos knocked my socks off. I'm no where up to par. Is it harder to learn and understand all that continues to exponentially develop as we grow older? I'd like to believe that I try my darnedest to grasp as much as I can.

What I now need to acknowledge is that the "front of the room instruction" that I received as a college student in the 70's is not what will embrace students today.

I was hired to teach part-time in the Health Occupations Division, on the strength of 38 years of experience and loads of hands-on knowledge with respect to training an ever-volatile third shift staff in a laboratory. However, this longevity has not fully prepared me for the educational responsibility I have here at MATC.

Wow...lots to learn!!!!!!!! and lovinit

Monday, July 12, 2010

Seven Videos Educators should watch

Well, I clicked on so many links that I'm not absolutely certain where this video originated but it sure awakened me to the deserved technology expectations of students. ( I think it is part of the TED site)

Just a comment on each of the videos...

1.) What once took a building (computer size) now is in your pocket and in 25 years will be in a red blood cell.

2.) Teachers must have relevance and understand the student's culture.

3.) The classroom vision of anyone over, lets say 40, is a lecture hall where an instructor stands way down at the bottom and talks for 40-50 minutes to sometimes well over 100 students, blah, blah, blah. Today our 20 something students in that same setting are either texting, surfing on their laptop, or sleeping(the only constant in this 19 th century vision.)

4.) Social media is ever growing and will NOT STOP. Acknowledge it and embrace it.

5.)A somewhat "comedic-like" platform about what teachers make (it's not money) that you have to witness on your own, I can't paraphrase the depth of this man's message and do it justice.

6.)Past methodologies are just that, past...we must move forward with the technology that our students utilize.

7.) repeat of the very "techno challenged" instructor that we watched on week one.

It is a good link if you can find it....sorry I got lost in the search layers.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Immpressions

The course title to me, "Educational Technologies" implied using tools such as power point, videos, possibly Skype, clickers and other things of that nature. While I am familiar with these processes, I thought perhaps that there were embellishments that I was unaware of, and I believe that enriching what I already know is always of value. But now I see this class offers a much broader opportunity to explore educational tools beyond my expectations and I'm interested to learn how best to utilize these vast resources to make my teaching more interactive and interesting.

I said in class that I personally feel responsible to not be "left in the dust" of technology, especially now that it is clear to me that our students are the digital natives and we (most of us) are the digital immigrants.

However, personally I need hands on practice of new technology tools. I struggle to merely read the "manual" or the help screen, and fully grasp the most efficient use of a tool that is new for me.

For example, editing the course participant page was OK but I expected an attachment option as in e-mail programs so I could attach a photo. Consequently I'm not sure how to insert one.

Until next time,